CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader & Generator

CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader & Generator 1.1

Interpret and create QR codes for shopping, product labeling, etc.
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It is a simple but useful utility that lets you interpret and create QR codes. The use of these codes is becoming increasingly popular in such areas as shopping, personal identification, product labeling and phone contact sharing. The program is so easy to use that I am sure you will not need any help to start using it.

The utility supports two main modes: Reader and Generator. When used for reading codes, the tool allows importing information by various methods. First, it lets you acquire the code directly from your computer screen by selecting the region in which it appears. Second, you can use your webcam as a scanner to capture the QR, which is quite useful when you are getting the info straight from a product.

Third, it is possible to import it in various picture formats, such as JPG, GIF, TIFF and PNG. Finally, the code may be taken from the clipboard as well. Surprisingly, the program does not seem to support using scanners of any type. No matter the method used, you can easily get the translation of the code into simple text in the lower part of the program’s window.

When the Generate Mode is on, you should start by typing the desired text or importing it from the clipboard. You do not even need to press any button, as the QR code is automatically generated and updated as you type. The resulting code can then be copied to the clipboard or saved as a picture file. In addition, you can customize the size of the code or use the default values instead.

To conclude, CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader & Generator lets you benefit from the advantages of using QR codes, a powerful and quite popular way to share scanner-ready data. The product has the limitation of having a very narrow scope of usage, including the support of only one type of code. What is more, there are various similar tools you can use on your smartphone in a more convenient way. Luckily, it does not cost a dime, so you can try it and see if it works for you.

Pedro Castro
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  • Various input methods
  • Supports multiple picture formats


  • Doesn't support scanners
  • Very narrow scope of usage
  • Doesn't support other types of code
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